As the largest distributor of ICT services in the Benelux and France, Copaco welcomed Huawei as a new brand in its portfolio. Earlier that year, the company’s home town of Eindhoven was recognized for realising more innovative ICT applications than anywhere else in the world (ICF, NY 2011). With Copaco as its distributor, Chinese manufacturer Huawei felt it was well-placed to acquire a significant share of the European ICT market. DHvV was asked to develop positioning and creative vision to launch the brand.


We found the value proposition in the combination of strengths that each brand brings to the table. Huawei, with its rich assortment of competitive ICT products. And Copaco, a trusted and well-known distributor of quality products, fast delivery and good service. Not to mention being part of a community named the World’s Most Intelligent by the ICF that year. With the new partnership, both brands forged a strong alignment between the traditional Chinese and the typical Dutch.


Aligning the two brands now brings the Copaco dealer network the “Best of Both Worlds”. High-exposure advertising combined with a three-stage direct-mail campaign built up toward a grand rendez-vous with the Copaco dealer network. Birgit Schuurmans, a celebrity of Chino-European origin, personifies the core positioning: Smart technology meets Dutch intelligence.

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