The announced closure of its Swiss HQ offices and the kick-off of a global efficiency program caused a downturn of employees’ productivity and threatened to paralyse this global pharma company. The Reignite program was driven by a renewed focus to address areas of improvement, such as marketing, branding, medical presence, and patient programs. Overarching goal was to drive sales and establish a winning performance culture.


Reignite brought together General Managers, BU Heads and corporate leadership in successive global and regional events. To promote a ‘One Voice – One Direction’ culture, we created the World Of We and developed a shared lexicon, vision and visual identity. A global Editorial Network of country communicators enabled real-time information sharing on the progress made with the execution of local Reignite plans. To facilitate best practice sharing, we designed a social media platform around the identified core areas of improvement. An online dashboard gave visibility to country specific KPIs directly tied to strategic objectives.


With a combination of clear strategy, strong leadership and credible communications, Reignite restored confidence and belief in the organization and its flagship brand and turned a situation of downturn into growing sales and increased market share.

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