In the field of recruiting technicians and engineering personnel, KP&T used to be a medium-sized player on the Dutch market. To win the war on talent, they needed to be attractive for highly qualified candidates and to be recognized as a leader. With its skilled workforce and knowledge of the market, KP&T felt in a good position to scale up and take that leadership position. The company asked DHvV to develop a positioning and corporate identity reflecting their ambition.
Understanding this specialist niche was a challenge but absolutely essential. What attracts the best candidates in this competitive market is not in the name of a company, but in the nature of the work that is on offer. ‘Interesting projects’ are those rewarding in challenge as well as in incentive. We found that the key to success is about being a master matchmaker: connecting the aspirations of technical professionals with the expertise that clients are looking for.
KP&T’s corporate identity now connects as much with its own workforce as it does with the clients and candidates it serves. We developed a creative vision in which each audience can take centre stage. Images projected on people depict a specific field of expertise in engineering. These key visuals show the literal connection between professionals and what drives them.For KP&T, capturing that drive only takes three words: Connecting Technical Professionals.
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